Robert Dyer

Dr. Robert Dyer

Faculty: Emeriti

Professor Emeritus of Marketing

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Professor Robert Dyer describes himself as “an Ohio guy, a Buckeye.”  With early designs on higher education, Dyer earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bowling Green State University in the field of business administration.  After a stint of teaching marketing and management at Westminster College, he continued his studies and earned a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the University of Maryland in 1972, focusing primarily on marketing, consumer research, and the effects of corrective advertising on public policy.  “I knew that being in higher education was what I wanted to do.  The writing was on the wall [and] if you wanted to be in higher education,” Dyer says, “then you better have a PhD.” 

Professor Dyer’s areas of academic expertise include electronic commerce and marketing, customer relationship management, marketing strategy and marketing decision support, and health services marketing.  Indeed, a long list of publications accompanies these fields of interest.  He arrived at the George Washington University after completing his doctoral degree, an ideal place for Professor Dyer to pursue his particular line of marketing and public policy research.  “The fact of the matter was that I had consulting opportunities because I was so close to where the decisions were being made. I was so excited to get the job at GW.  It was really fantastic.”

Professor Dyer cites his work with Dr. Terence Shimp from the University of North Carolina on public policy, legal advertising, and decision-making as one significant contribution to his field of study. His collaboration with fellow George Washington University professor Ernest Forman on issues of decision-support in marketing and the role of technology also represents another significant addition to the literature.

 “[We] were really solidly in the literature and some of the lead writers and researchers in this marketing and public policy area.  There have been others that followed us, but I think that’s certainly a strong contribution.”

In addition to his research, Professor Dyer also emphasizes his impact in the classroom.  “I couldn’t talk about contributions unless I talked about the many students I had a chance to interact with.  And I’d like to think that I made a contribution.  I certainly [still] hear from a lot of them.”

Beyond the university, Professor Dyer has recently assisted in the design and delivery of a new executive training seminar at the World Bank headquarters, a program focused on the internal marketing of information systems’ products and services.  He has also facilitated executive development for organizations including IBM, Lockheed-Martin, Electrolux, U.S. Postal Service Management Academy, Volvo Penta, and the U.S. General Accounting Office.

Professor Dyer lists the House of Sweden as one of his favorite places in DC, often attending Nordic jazz concerts and other cultural events.  He and his wife also spend two months of the year in Sweden, enjoying a respite from the hot DC summers in the more temperate Scandinavian climate.  Yet, his involvement in the field of marketing has not waned since earning tenure; Professor Dyer recently served as the president of the Washington chapter of the American Marketing Association and as a member of the national board of the American Marketing Association International.  “It’s almost expected,” Professor Dyer remarks, “when you’re an academic dean at a school that you do things with academic and professional organizations.”  From his research on marketing and public policy to his work as an academic dean to his involvement in the marketing field beyond the bounds of the university, Professor Dyer embodies all the well-honed and diverse talents of a revered George Washington professor.


B.S., Bowling Green State University, 1965
M.B.A., Bowling Green State University, 1966
D.B.A., University of Maryland, 1972