Membership Benefits

SOTE Lounge

This lounge is located at Eckles Library at the Mount Vernon Campus. The lounge is equipped with several research carrels, lockers, comfortable furniture, and a coffee machine. The lounge is designed to be a place for SOTE to drop-in, have library access, and socialize with each other.

 The SOTE Lounge in Eckles Library

SOTE Undergraduate Research Mentor Project

Funds have been allocated to provide up to ten $500 stipends to emeritus faculty members who agree to work with undergraduate students on a research project starting in Fall 2013. The University Honors Program will identify students who are looking for research mentors.  Contact Mary Rothemich, UHP Program Manager at [email protected]

Free Parking 

Emeritus faculty members enjoy the privilege of free parking on campus in the Marvin Center on Foggy Bottom and in the Visitor Parking Garage on the Mount Vernon Campus. To get parking validation, it is necessary to visit the Faculty and Staff Service Center on the first Floor of Rice Hall. The Faculty and Staff Service Center will have the GWID validated for parking and will provide a parking sticker that indicates emeritus status. 

Health and Exercise Room

Emeritus faculty members have free access to the health and exercise room on the Mount Vernon Campus, and the Lerner Health and Wellness Center on the Foggy Bottom campus. 

Tuition Remission

Emeritus faculty who retire from GW enjoy the tuition remission benefits available to all GW retirees. Please visit the Benefits Web site to learn more about the University's tuition remission program.

Upcoming Lectures

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