2015 Lecture Series: Matthew Kay

Robotics, Nanotechs, Biomedics, oh my!

Date: March 18, 2016, 11:00am
Location: Science and Engineering Hall B1220 (Foggy Bottom Campus)
Topic: Robotics, Nanotechs, Biomedics, oh my! (Includes tour of the new Science and Engineering Hall)

Professor Matthew Kay's Cardiac Electrophysiology Research Lab studies the spatiotemporal dynamics of cardiac electrical activity during normal and disease conditions - with an overall goal of improving heart disease therapies. Fluorescence and electrical imaging of animal hearts (ex-vivo) and two and three dimensional cultures of cardiac cells (in-vitro) is used with custom image and signal processing algorithms to test hypotheses and identify mechanisms of cardiac electrical pathologies. Recent projects have investigated the role of rotor formation in maintaining ventricular fibrillation, mechanisms of anti-tachycardia pacing in rabbit hearts and cell cultures, the role of regional ischemia on the induction of ventricular fibrillation, and imaging of metabolic alterations during local ischemia and reperfusion events. The lab is also developing a clinical catheter that uses a new mode of imaging to identify potential failure of radiofrequency ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation.